Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy birthday to dearest MUM!

It was mum's birthday yesterday! I wanted to wish her all the best in her life, always healthy, pretty and happy. Your cooking is the best, I know you sacrifice a lot of time, money and love for the family. And I appreciate it. I love you! You are the best, do you know!

I prepared a quite-big-present for mum. I guessed, it was even bigger than my sister's present. Previous years I was giving small present as I don't have much money~ But now, I am richer, haha just kidding. I put the present in two boxes [dentyne chewing gum]. And mum was supposed to choose between the purple and yellow boxes.

Mum's instinct is really great, she got the box containing RM80. Anyway, I gave them both after that. The total amount was RM 88.80. I don't find 8 cents anywhere in my house, thus, I got to deduct it from my planning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!


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