Monday, October 12, 2009

Dream again.

At 6pm yesterday, I was still asleep. Dad woke me up, his tricks were really great. "Let's go out for dinner". And yes, we went out. On the way, my eldest sister text me and told me that she was having bad toothache and she needs help. Mummy suddenly cried and told dad to return home.

We took medicine and zoomed off to Serdang. The traffic jam really did tested my patience, and dad's too. Anyway, we arrived at 8pm. Looking at my sister, very dull and hungry. We went to dinner prior to it. A Chinese restaurant to eat "lat tong" and what chicken, I-don't-remember.

It took them an hour to serve us food. They have a lot of customers, that's was the main reason why we ate there. Food served at 10pm. I was in extreme hungry. And when waiting, when chatting to my sister, I carelessly fell down the drink to my pants. How shame right, and I couldn't take my meal happily.

We headed back to KL at 10.30pm. Arrived home at around 12am. Took my bath and started online-ing. Sister said she hopes her picture won't be featured in my blog and I told her, I won't post any pictures for the trip :) YEAY~ Hope her wisdom tooth will cure as soon as possible.

Oh MY God, I dreamt again. Why am I having so much dreams lately? This dream, I really want it to happen and I remember it very clearly. Whoa~ Really what I have wanted to have in my life. Not money, not treasures, something else. But once I awake, I am really sad, LOL, sad. Never mind, I am waiting for it to come true someday. I believe it will happen, dreaming.


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