Saturday, October 10, 2009

Raya at Raffiq's.

S.Man and Z.Yin came to my house at 1pm. My dad fetched us to Raffiq's house. My mood is getting better since I have a nap yesterday. I was moody yesterday, which I myself also dislike it. Sorry.

We went to Raffiq's house. I was looking everywhere for the tent of Raffiq's house. I found it. We were the first to arrive. KKSheng arrived next. And I went out to fetch B.Teng and S.Sya. We all reached early except S.Phing. Raffiq kept on laughing as I am laughing too and he asked us to eat eat eat, and we replied wait, wait wait.

S.Phing and her brothers arrived at 1.30pm after asking for calling me for directions. We ate the delicious laksa and Malay food before proceeding into Raffiq's house. His house was the town house type, it was decorated nicely, it is very warm and welcoming.

We went to a playground near Raffiq's house. We captured photos and more-so-over. KKSheng was there sitting very shy. KKSiong can't make it to come, but I was putting sympathy on KKSheng who was the only gentle there. It was a fun trip after all.

We took taxi back to Prima. We went into a Cyber Cafe called "I-don't remember". It was the first time I've been to CC. My home has unlimited Internet access. Why should I play there. The CC was okay, though. But I would never be addicted to it. Before going home, me and S.Sya bought bubble milk tea and we walked home together, leaving behind S.Man in Prima Setapak.

On the way back to my condo, S.Sya transferred photos to her phone. Luckily, no snatch thieves approached. Home, thanks Raffiq and everyone. I am quite happy today~ Better day tomorrow?
Click on any photo to enlarge.

Let me show you the FIRST amy-most-ugly photo award. FIRST only. Still got loads more to go~

Group photo..

Is KKSheng proposing?

S.Sya? Have you accepted his request?

S.Sya gave me RM10. KKSheng gave me RM5 to delete the photos above. Very very sorry, I don't like bribing.

S.Man was extremely happy. But for what?

Big sister.

The owner.

S.Sya was supposed to sit beside KKSheng but they refused.

Him too.

Captured by KKSheng. S.Sya, Pinky and me.

With the tree, here we go!

Three buddies.

Crazy people do crazy things.

KKSheng O.N.E.

KKSheng T.W.O. Can you smile?

KKSheng T.H.R.E.E. Nevermind lah,my intention was to pull S.Sya to take photo with you but S.Sya and your head is as hard as a metal!

S.Man O.N.E. Also not smiling! Same species.

S.Man T.W.O.

Z.Yin O.N.L.Y.

The LAST amy-most-ugly photo.


Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

kksheng maybe feel strange taking photo wif u...haha.....but raffiq looks handsome....hahaha

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha~ first first tot take photo to tarik syasya to take photo with him~

we try many attempts but stil fail.. yea! raffiq really handsome, haha!

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...


Yuki no shiro said...

u looks beuty but u so FAT..........

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

sya u very good.
use ppl acc to say.
haha :D