Sunday, October 11, 2009

KFC and dreams.

Yesterday, once I came back from going out, I online for 5 hours till around 9pm. J.Eng said I am a "dirty cat", which then, I corrected her to "dirty rat". I went to bath, but the phone rang. It was mum. She asked me to go down to guard house now, as we were heading to Carrefour. I only managed to change my jeans to short pants.

At Carrefour, mum intended to go into Bata's. And she bought me another new school shoe. I told her it is a "no-need". But she continued her intention. I have 3 new pairs of school shoe. Mum told me to wear the new one, but I think I will only be wearing the new one early next year as it's a new shoe, new hope for PMR. Bought a lot of groceries before heading to KFC.

Two pieces of fried chicken for supper, it's supper not dinner!!! When I was eating, the phone rang, I ignored it as I was enjoying my chicken. It was Andy. I asked him why he called, he said just to ask what I am doing now. WU LIAO~ How full I am yesterday, nobody knows. Pity chicken, ended up the rest of its life inside my stomach. I was walking here and there inside my house as I couldn't sleep with that fried chicken still haven't fully digested.

I slept at 1 am. I dreamt many dreams yesterday, I reckoned there were 4 dreams but I could only remember 2 clearly. First one was, I was transferred to lower class as I did some mistakes [getting late to school, if not mistaken], together with S.Man, S.Sya and Z.Yin. It was a horrible dream. But I wish I could force myself to study hard for final exam to avoid this dream for coming true in the reality.

And the second dream, I saw Cheng Heng in SMKDK. I've been wanting him study here as his house is just around 200 metres from SMKDK but unfortunately, he had chose to study in ChongHwa. But if he was here, many girls would have already falling for him. I saw him in the dream, being in SMKDK, very surprised & amazed . However, I can't remember what happened next. I miss him much, especially the time we boarded bus together and walked home~ Haiz.

I don't want to wake up, realizing it's just a dream is very upsetting. Only dreams aren't enough. I wanna make good things to come true and bad things to go away, far away! I wanna be a lucky person~ I wanna be the best, to beat the rest. I wanna have many many people around me, supporting and encouraging me. I love the you, world.



After, clean and smooth. Yummy, pity you, chicken.

Tried to capture with the uncle behind.

Too full, can't move.


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