Thursday, October 15, 2009

So, what.

I decided to be a bad person. Rather than becoming a good person, treating others good and being bullied like nuts. I want to be bad in kind of protecting myself. Sometimes, I got to say that I dislike some parts of it but why am I still being so good towards them whom treat me so badly.

I knew searching for someone that can cry together is really hard and searching for some friends that can enjoy together is as easy as ABC. I never know when I can come out from this complicated scenario but I just want to live my life, why they bother so much~

Franking speaking, I am not desperate for love at all. All I need now is knowlegde and loves from family plus friends. If I could get these now, I am very satisfied. But why, most of them thought I am so desperate searching for someone special. I am amused with it. Sometimes, thinking back, I myself wasn't really sure about what I am looking and chasing for.

I've wrote a lot of emo posts like this and I've nomore ideas what to be wrote. I don't want people to get this message wrongly. I was just trying to ease some heavy burdens on my shoulder. Shouldn't I said this as I knew there's a lot more people outside there who have problems on money, health, relation and so on.



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