Friday, October 16, 2009

Swimming ~

I woke up at 9.30am. I changed my clothes into swimming suit and started waiting for them to call me to go down~ They were late for around 20 minutes. LOL. I was shocked to see "Swimming pool under maintenence". They came and was shocked too. So, we went up to my house while waiting for 12pm to arrived.

Our two big sisters were absent as S.Man was having allergics going into waters and B.Teng refused to swim, shy right? B.Teng next time must come oh.

We were studying Geografi, and not long after that, we started chatting as I said "still got 23 days before the final exam". This is me, last-minute works. Anyway, after that, I gave Z.Yin a black swimming suit for her to change. Luckily, we all wore swimming suit, preventing the guards from being too busybody.

We went down and mum told me to bring water along. I was like "later go down, drink water until full also can". Eventually, I never brought any water down. We went down and waited for 10 minutes before we went into the swimming pool.

S.Sya versus Me. Z.Yin still in progress of learning and S.Phing was good but she swam slanting, as she hit both me and S.Sya when we were swimming on a straight pace. We played ice & fire, train, sleeping etc and went into the Jacuzzi. But Z.Yin's head couldn't go into the water, she was scared. Never mind, you'll get use to it.

We went to take a shower at around 1.30pm. And then, went up to my house to use the hair-dryer. We enjoyed taking photos in my room [or only me?]. HAHA. Good dae. My hair was so hard, all the chlorine's faults. ~.~

See.. Waited for 2 hours..

She put my picture in her phone~ haha.

After bath..

S.Sya and Me.

Fair and square, S.Sya. [I didn't tell "what"].

A place where I can sleep.

Z.Yin was combing her hair, S.Phing was drying her hair, S.Sya was talking on the phone while I am doing nothing.

Promoting the butter bread.

Still promoting~ Yum Yummy.

Sorry Z.Yin, miss out.


Two girls in front having themselves prepared for photo-taking but me and S.Sya was just keeping it easy.

Thanks to the help of "self-timer".

:) :) :)

Don't make sense.

What about this?

Half Z.Yin, half me~

Is this the last thing before saying Good-bye?



Yuki no shiro said...


amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i also half what.
don't keep on saying i am smelly~
u more smelly.

and I more heng than you ah.