Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday went to watch 2012 at Times Square with sister and sister's friends from all around the country.. I was the navigator of the trip or also known as "tour guide", high pressure.. Ha ha, no la, just kidding, actually just walking around..

2012 is a really nice movie.. I can't believe my eyes.. The animation is good, as real.. I was amazed and if December of 2012 will gonna be our doomsday, how? LOL.. I still got a lot of things haven't do.. And I won't be satisfied if I can't fulfil it.. Let's go to pluto now.. The more far, the more safe..

Today sister going to sing Karaoke with her friends.. I don't wanna disturb them.. Ha ha, and and I was very tired as I walked at least 5 hours the previous day.. Taking a good rest now..

HAHA~ Will upload photos in a week more.. Cause I won't be at home till next Tuesday.. And guitarboy, you can chase up in Country Story now.. T.T , Cheers..