Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before exam..

= Sister's friends from Johor, Kedah and Penang is here.. For 3 days..
= Going to badminton later.. But it's raining cats and dogs now..
= Returned text books to school early in the morning..

Paper's bird by J.Eng, S.Man and Z.Yin.. SIZES..

3rd November 2009..

Purple dreamz at Fancy Mee Restaurant..


Mountain of books to be finished..
But for me, the great success is by SLEEPING..

This to be finished by form 3..

Elephant no head..

Elephant with head..

I am trying to concentrate but ...

handphone just beside me..

Too bored.. Crazy cause reading too much..

8 November 2009..

Eat dim sum as breakfast at Jalan Ipoh..

Study group with Farah, Aisyah, S.Sya, J.Eng and S.Phing..

Ice-cream is here!!

She don't want the green one..

Go green..

She looked like chinese.. Pretty..

Baby drinking milk..


Come on la..

Timer.. But failed.. Sorry!!



Picnic at garden at 10pm..

So dark..

Mum and dad..
Sis told me not to featured her in my blog.. LOL..

For this post ONLY..

One day before Maths exam..
I was very nervous and panicked, but Aunt Melissa
brought us to Wangsa Walk..
Luckily, only went there for 3 hours..
15 November 2009.

Malay suit.. Looked quite nice..

People behind me.. busy choosing..

That's it.. I have a lot more pictures to be uploaded.. Till here..


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