Friday, November 6, 2009


Long time no see. Hey there :)

I am going to start revision on tomorrow seriously. No more sleeps, only allowed for 40 winks.

I have started revision but not very seriously.

My sisters both had succeeded in their exams with flying colours, with the radio turned on up so loud when studying.

But I couldn't study with the radio. Why I am always different from them? I miss them.

I set my alarm on a nap for 30 minutes, but I ended up waking after 3 hours. Terribly misled.

I was studying Science and my revision book gone missing.

After two days, I continued studying. Frustrated.

And now, I am STILL studying. Still can't manage to understand.

Could anyone teaches me the proper way of studying?

I am stupid.



Anonymous said...

try la to study with radio..its make us more enjoyable to we cant sleep at study time..hehe..anyway, gudluck for the exam! chaayoook!...haha


amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i can only study with radio on maths..

=) good lucks too.

HJ said...

u r not stupid!
good luck in ur exam!
jia you jia you!


Fishie said...

there is no proper study way....
difrent ppl diff way u know?
mayb wake up early to study is good for me but for you no....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

Thx thx..

I know I am lazy pig can't wake up in the morning. Hehe.