Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was exhausted.. I was paying so much attention on KH, doing exercises and reading up the reference books and I even finished all topics in the KH text book, and yet, I guessed I couldn't make it much to a good results.. Everything I read wasn't there..

S.Phing paid too much attention on KH that she forgot about Seni.. She was searching for the note book 2 minutes before exam started.. I don't know whether the book had help her or not..

KH exam.. 1 hour and 30 minutes was just like 20 minutes.. I never take any naps, feeling that I need to be serious.. I saw S.Man sleeping at the edge.. I was far far away from her.. Z.Yin was sitting at my back, I am sure she's looking on me 24/7.. B.Teng was beside me.. Made to be together..

SENI 1.. Very hard questions.. I was like "huh?". Luckily, did some exercises that teacher gave.. Pn. Rosliza was rounding.. And she stood beside me.. I was wondering "why?".. And she took my paper, have a look.. LOL.. I know I have more than 50% wronged..

SENI 2.. Haiz.. So ugly.. Kindergarten children are even better than my drawing.. I really don't have the talent.. My eldest sister is good at drawing objects, infrastructur etc.. My second sister is good at drawing cartoons, girls, boys etc.. But why ... when I started drawing, it's either I wrongly drew the line or I accidentally splashed the water colour..

It was drizzling when I get home.. Accompanied by S.Sya and S.Phing.. None of them brought umbrellas.. Me, either.. So, I took my newspaper out and started acting like crazy girl.. As long as I don't get sick in the middle of exam..

Tomorrow is going to be the BM examination test.. Paper 1 and 2.. I am still thinking what I should read for BM.. Read what?! Anyway, good lucks and all the best, for all the students who are sitting for exam now.. BEST OF LUCKS..


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