Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Wow. Finally final-year exam ended. I was putting quite a lot of effort in it. Hope effort + no sleeps = good results. Hope so hope so.

Today, final day. With the most tough subjects. Science and Geografi. Science paper 2 was ... HARD!! Science paper 1, is ok. But I think I did a lot of mistakes. Geografi.. Is also average. Nothing to comment.

We got our Maths paper 1, SEJ, Moral and BM marks. I was quite satisfied with it. But it's not the final results yet.

When the bell rang at 1.10pm, the school was such a chaotic. I was like "FINALLY!!".. And yes, finally...... Today, I again, lent my shoulder to S.Phing. She got the highest for Sejarah, yet, she was crying on my shoulder. But she said she wasn't satisfied with the Maths paper 1 marks.

When we were walking home, I kept making her laugh by joking with S.Sya. LOL, really sorry, S.Sya!! HAHA. She was looking at me like "YOU!!!!". Anyway, sorry and thanks.

Just now I was planning to take a LONG LONG nap. But was woken up by 3 sms and a call. Sms from her[1], him[1] and her[2]. Call from him2. Sri and KKSiong at Johor were worried about their results.. I guessed.

1 month of holidays.. ENJOYS~~


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