Friday, November 20, 2009

Penang 1 & 2.

Go Penang keep eat eat eat. AND just eat. LOL. I am getting fatter and fatter. 1 day ate 6 meals, breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner, supper and supper. Ha ha.

Visit temple.

Ate roasted duck rice.

Icy kacang.

Rojak, cendol, hokkien mee and laksa forgot to take pic.

6 ice kacang. Yummy ones.

=) =)

Floating seafood.

Sister Elaine :)

I don't want to memorize these names.

Crab. ~.~


Province Wellesley.
Heard of that before? Yes, I do. In my SEJARAH Form2 syllabus.


Sorry to Malays.
We went to see PIGS at PENANG.

At night, went to Auto-city.

Me and Elaine jie.

This toilet very special. Got air-conditional and it's very nice.


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