Friday, December 18, 2009

Cousins outing.

17 DEC 2009
Popo / Aunt Jen / Collin / Julia / Aaron / Sueann / Elaine.

Sad to say that James, Chyng Yee and Simone can't join us this trip.

Woke up at 8.30am. And started preparing myself for the day. 9.30am, my sisters and I started our journey to a cakehouse and we bought a mini cake for "somebody". When going to Damansara, Sue-ann's car was almost got knock down by a ambulans. My heart jumped out. I doubt I might be having heart-attack if I sit in any of my sister's car. ==

Arrived and started singing. Collin and others were late. But nevermind la. Po po and Aaron came with them. So, sing sing sing. Laugh laugh laugh. At 1pm, I was going to the toilet with grandma when Aaron wanted to go to the gents too. But I told him that, "no! cannot! you cannot go". He said "I will go to the 男厕". I assist that he cannot go at the time. Sorry for making you .. == Around 2pm, we told Collin to bring Aaron out to toilet.

We went walking around The Curve. We went into F.O.S. Popo bought two sexy clothes, which make her looked so cute and so round. And talking photos at The Curve podium, stage. Then, went to another place to buys clothes. I was insane, I bought 4 new jeans, and 7 clothes at B.U.M, Unionsbay, Diesel etc.

We went for dinner at 8pm. Yum yum.

Car parked.

XMAS XMAS. I wanna presents.

The Curve.

Elaine outside Red Box.


Double thumbs up. Jay chou ranked number ONE.

Aaron and popo. AT KARAOKE.
Sporting popo.



Bought by me and sisters.

Happy 17th birthday.



Me and popo. =)

Elaine, me and Aaron. Scope not enough big.

Ju, Colliin and me.

Cousin " 合照 " except Cyee, James and Simone.


Taken by the waiter. TQ.

Room number 19.


Xmas tree.

It's a baby cloth. So cute.

Candy. I wanna you.

Collin, popo, Elaine and Aaron.
Aunt Jennifer, me and Julia.

2nd picture.

Sueann, popo, Elaine, Amy, Aaron and Julia.

Santa coming to town with good kids' presents~

Elaine, popo and Sueann.

RM10 to scoop a small fish. Worth it?

Blowed by the fake.

Original. The fan didn't worked.


Underwater. =) =)

Toi toi toi let.

Sorry la...

Popo pronouns this as "mermaid chicken".
We pronouns this as "marmite chicken".


Goreng sotong. Fried cuttlefish.

Vegetables. Fulfilled my stomach.
And bye.

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