Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Final Exam.

Today, went to take exam results with dad at 9am. I was surprised for my results, and I told myself "finally, all my hard works had paid off!". Dad was like "STILL NOT ENOUGH GOOD".

When I reached home, I texted a lot of people. And asked them bout their results. Some were great, some were okay. I was glad at first but then, the feeling changes now.

I obtained the 2nd place in my class. First place goes to Sri Kabbelan. He was, for sure, much better than me. He called my handphone and congratulated me. He was 14 marks in front of me.

My results had improved. That's why I am writing here. I hope I can improve more in future time. I have to put more efforts on exam.

Malay - 81%. A
English - 84%. A
Mathematic - 97%. A
Science - 75%. A
History - 88%. A
Geography - 85%. A
KH Living Skill - 77%. A
MORAL - 96%. A
CIVIC - 68%. B
PJK - 88%. A
SENI - 91%. A

AVERAGE of 86%.
Total marks of vital subjects 774/900 marks.

For dad and sisters, below 85 is not an A. Is an A (-). So lame.

BM improved by 12 marks compared to mid-year exam. It was a tough one. BI improved by 4 marks. Maths remained on the same mark. Science dropped by 11 marks, this disappoint me a lot. However, I wanted to thank Science teacher.

Sejarah remained at the percentage of 88%. Meanwhile, Geo improved by 3 hardly achieved scores. KH was dropped by 11 marks. I was really surprised but was already thankful for it.

Moral improved by 6 marks. PJ improved by 14 marks. Sivik dropped by 16 marks which really did make me a mad girl. I was surprised with my Seni marks which increased a lot. LOL. But my drawing is still .. on a kindergarten level.

Hope for more improvement next year. PMR in 10 more months. Jia you jia you, AMY and everybody.

Mid-year results : HERE

I think I am too arrogant. Forgive me.



XxPrInCeSS SheLL said...

better than me... all my marks fall. I hope next year is better...

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

sure u can.
ur brilliant.

Fishie said...

haha two of u...keep prasing on each other..

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

one form 1.
one form 2.
one form 3.