Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sue-ann's celebration.

1) The Villa Sunway.
2) KFC.
3) Pudu restaurant.
4) Wangsa Walk.
And others.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Sister Sue-ann! Hope you'll stay happy, healthy, pretty and younger. No longer a teenager.

EAT = Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Ipoh, near mum workplace. Pudu for dinner at mum-so-called "SI YE", RM 220. KFC at Wangsa Maju.

PLAY = The Villa Sunway, Wangsa Walk.

The Villa at Sunway was really nice. Dad got voucher for 20% off. So, we went there to have a stay. The normal price is RM 3860 and after 20%, it's cheaper. Wondering why it's so expensive when I am needed to sleep on a sofa. But I have a great day there. Peaceful and nice. We are having another trip on [20 something] December at Sunway at Resorts Suites. I am looking forward to it.

And most importantly, me and Elaine bought Sue-ann a pandan layer cake WITHOUT CANDLE. HAHA. Very cheap only. Because Sue-ann said no need buy any cakes for her cause her friends already bought her one, which she don't want to be twice her age. Dad planned to buy a big cake for her, I was really excited but ...... ruined.

Bak kut teh at Jalan Ipoh.

Egg, prawn, fish, chicken, cutterfish.
Nice meal with 9 delicious dishes.

Wangsa Walk.


Arrived at Sunway.


Sunway sun & surf.

I asked the person whether I can step on it.
She smiled. =.=

Mum and dad.

One day at the villa.
The people told us not to take so much photos.
Getting angry. LOL.
But dad told her not to bother us much.

Snapped when she left the villa.

Exclusive but can enter with shoes.

Mum and dad.




Copy cat.
And the next day, bye, Sunway~

KFC again.

She told me not to featured her in my blog.





Me, ugly. Finger licking good.
That's why I said no taking picture at KFC.

Pandan layer cake.
Purchased by me and second sister.

In study room when mum and dad is out.


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