Monday, January 25, 2010


Today...... speechless.

Science paper 2 - So stupid. S.Sya already told me about the first answer which was RED BLOOD CELL, I go to write OVUM because beside it was SPERM. I don't know Form3 syllabus is coming out, which I was then told RED BLOOD CELL was Form1 syllabus. For the nothing, I lose 3 marks. Nevermind la, keep going on!

Science paper 1 - Kinda easy la. but also kinda hard~ Don't know how to say. It's like some tough, some easy. KKSheng so confident cause he looked at the paper already~ Nevermind la, it's just Intervensi. Next time, no way for trying to cheat-on.

Maths paper 1 - I think I got only 1 wrong. It's the translation (number 35). I was way too careless. Number 23, LINEAR EQUATION, I was correct. And S.Sya said she is very sure that I was wrong cause majority of us did the answer B while I am the only one who did D. I was abit angry but I have checked the book and it stated that LINEAR EQUATION - cannot to the power of 2. Nevermind la, wait till the results is out.



Jumbohead the Imperial Warrior said...

not linear equation answer is D if i remember....which is written as blah blah blah y2

amy美琪-kaykay- said...
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amy美琪-kaykay- said...

the answer is D n kinda sure ady... they searched in book todaY..

me n ZY correct ady..

Jumbohead the Imperial Warrior said...

ic....oo icic....