Saturday, January 23, 2010


Needed to attend school. Feel so sleepy and tired and wanted to sleep till 12pm. But it's impossible.

Today, first class is Maths. I kept wanted to sit under the fan (my original place). I shook J.Yu's chair and he was like "救命啊!" So cute and wanted to walk away to another place but found no place and asked me "where to sit?". Then, he promised after exam giving back my seat. And KKSiong not as gentlemen but don't know why ... ~

After that, Seni. Sat around with my girls. Talking stuff like there is no exam around. ^^ The boys kept throwing papers to us (not us, is to YapShiMan大家姐). All the boys love her included Sri Kabelan. HAHA. So good, I got so many 姐夫 brother-in-law(s)…

Recess~ B.Teng gave me a box of biscuits for CNY? Thanks, she only gave me? Weirdo. But it's delicious and it's her home-made. Will show picture soon after exam!

SEJARAH. Presentation for Chapter 1 ended. And it's gonna be a busy day after exam. Tests and so on. GEOGRAFI and BI. - No study. Goodie. But KKSheng kept talking about yesterday's I lose to him and I didn't go to hotel. And he said I gonna go to "FANTASY" hotel at 7pm tonight. If not, play ShowHand with him. And see if I can win.

KKSheng took away my pencil box, I was chasing for him in the whole class until Geografi teacher got a little mad with the volume of 3Arif. He so lame la. Kept take people's stuff. 大家姐scolded him and he returned my pencil box. But taken one of my pens. I said "if you want, you can take, if not mistaken, that pen already no ink". HAHA. After few minutes, KKSiong threw the pen back to me.

After that, 1230, walked home with S.Sya. Others don't know missing at where. Suddenly, KKSheng appeared from nowhere. And reminded me to go FANTASY HOTEL at 7pm. So the lame. I purposely said OKAY (which is the only answer that can make him satisfy). And he said KKSiong got AI*S. =.=



Jumbohead the Imperial Warrior said...

haha...funny...u girls and the boys in 3arif will never calm down.......XD
making noise all the day?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

ya, of cuz that is us :)