Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day.

- I am so lame. I knew many people had got very angry and hatred with me.

Now I am in this SMKDK for the first anniversary. Today is the first day of school, every students in Malaysia had sure known this day. Some thinks it's fun, some thinks it's tiring. I think it's fun, tiring and seriously, I need to add more oil on study.

This morning, awake. Mum was awoke too. I told her not to bother me and continue her sleeps but she accompanied me till I get out from the house. It was drizzling. It was dark in school for assembly. It's very messy everywhere.

I am in 3 ARIF aka 3A. I wanted to get in the class since I was Form 1 in SMKWM2. It was 3 Amanah back then. When I reached SMKDK, it is DK **. Now I am BACK to 3A~ But PMR is really making me mad!

Reached class. Get a place. But I wasn't kinda satisfied with it. BeeTeng on my right, S.Man behind me, a malay guy beside me, KKSiong in front of me. I was like kicking away the malay guy but he don't want to go away == But it's okay. I am to school for study. The periods before recess, our class teacher was inside our class, doing some arrangements.

A malay guy (I forgot his name) became the class monitor after voting either for Won Jien or him. I got 32 (?) votes for the position assistant of the class. I was like ==" ~

Recess~ Went to canteen to eat a biscuit given by BeeTeng from her travel to Macau. I was the only one who got the biscuit from her. HAHA. And I am waiting for her souvenirs ^^

Geografi. Was our previous teacher. Not bad not bad! Moral. Gishh. I was pretty exciting about it but it ruined. There was lack of seats for us. I was sitting with an Indian guy whom I reckoned hate sitting with me. I moved to sit with J.Eng at the back.

Last class, BI. We were needed to have 5 exercises books. Whoa, wouldn't it be too much? The teacher is very cute and his english is good! I hope my English will improve. Time's up. And I accompanied S.Sya to buy some exercise books before heading home.


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