Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ruined up 2nd day.

* Unspecific. I am lazy to blog already. Kekez. This year I need to put a lot of effort on PMR. And lesser time to play. But people kept saying online is a reason of not having good results. But for me, I need to find friends to share interests and mainly to reduce my stress. Play hard, study hard right?

I couldn't sleep at night. I don't know why == I kept changing my pillows, boasters to my room and then to mum's room. And finally, back to my room. At 1.25am, I looked at the clock. And heavy tears flowed out, how could it.... And at 1.40am, I am asleep. What's the problem with me?

At 7.05am, I woke up and looked outside, it was bright already. I glanced on my phone's alarm. IT WAS 7.06am! OMG. I quickly get mum and dad up. And went to the toilet. After a minute, I came out, had my clothes changed. And zoomed off to school in a messy appearance. Thanks dad for sending me to school.

First class, SEJ. Encik Emyzul. Second class, PJK, a teacher which is quite stern. Recess~ With friends beside the bookshop~ I love my friends cause they all aren't normal human (something wrong). Back to class, KH. A relieved teacher. Then came in a counsellor.

She told us a lot about the PMR. About time tables, relationship, self-esteem, etc. I was wondering if last year, I was to accept the relationship he requested, would I get myself in the first class? Or ... ? BT told me that our class students all is single or kinda few of it are in a relationship. I was mumbering to myself. YES, that was true. AND my decision on DECEMBER 2008 was right. But I kept telling myself, if I got him ... I will be happy? =.= So, that's it. Stop this.

Later on, SEJ class again. Exercises. And last class, Maths. Teacher was zooming very fast. I afraid I couldn't catch up. Bell rang. Walked away with my lovely friends. And chatted with J.Eng, T.Tian and S.Phing beside the primary school before heading home. I sat far away from S.Phing, so everyday, I could only talk few words with her.


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