Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's fourth day only, and I am as busy as a bee.

So, the assembly was normal. Science class, I was sitting with J.Eng as the mandarin class's student needed to attend a meeting. After 20 minutes, everyone showed up. We were given notes.

Later on, KH. It was a little hard. I was in ERT in Form1. And I think ACCOUNTING is still something very unfamiliar with me. I hope I don't get confused and any ONE of the statement is written wrongly, the whole thing is ruined and I am dead. Wish me lucks~~

Recess~ Blee. Me and S.Man helped B.Teng go changed her book while she went to buy her food. Chat chat in the canteen like 38po. And left the place later on.

Maths. Done exercises with B.Teng who is my tablemate. The A4 paper can be cut into two but we done nothing and do it together. We are kinda blur already. 180 - 125 = 65? Osssshhh..

Last class, BM. A relieved teacher came in. I was doing the KH homework. And was getting shouting from HuiRong, ShiMan and SyaSya. So busy~~ They were asking me questions about Maths, KH etc. And once, HuiRong wanted to go to toilet, she asked for my permission (I don't have the authority to give permission and I accidentally said "Muzaffar!" (class monitor). Everybody laughed. Paiseh. His name is Muffadhal == .

Went home with my crazy friends. S.Sya, J.Eng, T.Tian and S.Phing. We did some insane jobs. I was comparing with S.Sya, on whose getting more bye-byes. I got 5~ I won! SYASYA~ HAHAHA. I think I am out of control. Kakaz xD Ok bye. After bathing needa do homework again before going to Pasar Malam.


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