Thursday, January 21, 2010

Intervensi 1.

Cannot believe I have started Form3. And this is the very first exam I am taking during 2010. It will be a chaotic year as I am facing another important/major exam, PMR. I have been very regretted for my action, with the playful and honeymoon years during my Form1 and Form2. Now, it's nomore a relaxing year. I have come to the edge of a youth.

Beginning from this year, I will be facing a lot of challenges. Hard, tough and difficult. I am too scare to face the fact that I will not have the times to have afternoon nap when the so-called PMR is around the corner. Form4 will be the same as well. Thus, I must appreciate every moment before it's PMR.

Back to the topic. I am on the first day of Intervensi 1. Only schools in KL are having this type of exam (after I asked my cousin sister who is living in Cheras). Is it good or bad to have such exam during such early days? I guessed yes. We will have more good preparations before Diagnostic and Percubaan.

Today, I have taken 2 papers which was BM paper2 (2 hours) and Moral (2 hours). BM2-I hardly write good Malay, hopefully I will get an A or at least B for it. MORAL-I am almost breaking into pieces. Everybody completed their Moral in around 30 to 40 minutes. And sat there for 1 and 1/2 hours. My back was painful.

Coming up tomorrow - BM paper 1, BI paper 1, BI paper 2~ I haven't touch any books since I get home. Maybe I would be revising the literature at school during recess tomorrow. Till then, byes. Cheers.

P/s: Realized I wrote good English? I meant not much grammar mistakes, no broken English and no shortcut? Yes, tomorrow is going to be the English test. No play play! =)


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