Tuesday, January 19, 2010


HaihzZz... Super tired~~~ Just back from school today from the mischievous SIVIK, sweater PJK, funner KH, freer BM, boringer MORAL.

And, now rushing to Gamma first meeting. Only got 30 minutes to eat and rest. Only "dai lou" got go~~ Will I be very boring there? Wait and see. Bye.

BACK - 3.45pm.
Just now went to school, saw nobody~ Went to the canteen, got some Malay greeted me. Then, checked on. Why nobody de? Walk around the school like very unfamiliar. Only at 2.30pm, found S.Phing and H.Yong, Jumbohead and DaiLou. So, they played chasing. I didn't play, DaiLou also good good didn't play.

At around 3pm, Gamma members went to the new football field. Teacher chose for 100m runners. Teacher said she saw me run in the morning, and chose me, in addition of Jumbohead's support. I told them "I cannot run~~". They don't believe.

After that, run 2 rounds in the field. Feeling kinda tired. And luckily got 2 peralihan girls run with me and I am not so boring. They called me "jiejie" leh. HAHA! And my waist hurt since PJK times. I was walking like a pregnant women. So painful~ Maybe is the effect of not doing "panas diri" (heating process?) before starting running.



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

XD go for it....XD
I sure didnt choose wrong ppl!

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

will get for the most, number 4/8.
i cannot run leh~ disqualified.

Jumbohead the Night 'Sergeant' said...