Thursday, January 28, 2010

Number 378.

28 January 2010 (Wrote this date many times today)

Post number 378. Today in very bad mood. Since wake up, stomach kept making trouble. But nevermind la, keep it easy. Till reach school~ Science. So boring. Hmm. Need to draw a lot of figures, my art, I supposed you know, it's very terrible.

After that, KH~ Just did few exercises. Kept making mistakes. And kept trouble-shooting. So tired already~ Recess~ Go toilet with Z.Yin. She came out already didn't tell me. I kept waiting for her and later she called me and she was outside our class.

Me and Z.Yin were told that S.Phing is having stomachache, she wanna go back home. We went to PEJABAT to accompany her. She called her parents and her parents weren't very free, only can arrive in another 35 minutes. I thought wanna call daddy fetch her home but I think it's not allowed. I saw her rolling herself in pain. I sat on the chair, they squadded on the floor. People came in and thought I am the one who is sick. So, we went back into class and waited till 11am. I don't know S.Man searching for me~ She scared I missing?

In PEJABAT, me and Z.Yin talked a little bit about girls. Why girls have to been in such troubling moments while boys can do anything they want, anytime. We always got stomachache, not often but .... She got stomachache last week during BM exam. But her BM so good, no worries. At class, when sending S.Phing go office, SO THE HAIZ. Who know, haiz. Don't want say~~

SEJ lesson really no mood and felt so embarrassed. KKSheng kept talking about it~ HE!!!! SO ... HAIZ. Luckily, ... ~~ HMM.. Don't know what KKSiong and KKSheng teased S.Man and S.Man told me to SHUT MY HUSBAND (?) MOUTH. I accidentally told KKSheng not to tease her anymore. After that, they all said I changed from KKSiong to KKSheng? Won't la!~ He always so perasan. Said I "kai kin" (?) him when I touch also never touch him. He is forever and ever S.Sya's.

BM lesson. Till now still no teacher, just a relief teacher. So, teacher gave us some tasks which I failed all of them. One of the task - drawing. I drew something weird. KKSiong turned his head and I showed him. He said "WOW very beautiful". But impossible~ My drawings are aweful. I am happy with my seat now, windy, happy beside S.Man although she sometimes didn't talk to me and both KKS have loads of joking. I only scared S.Sya will angry~ And relationship with my girls whom sit two metres away (Jia Eng, Bee Teng, Sya and Zhen Yin) will be torned. How leh?

And later on at 1pm, played POKER UNO with KKSheng and KKSiong betting on the stuff that he always say me and XXX ~ I win once, KKSheng win once. So the lame~ I gave out wrong directions. So wasted. Hmm~ Then, walked home with J.Eng cause she don't want to dating in bus (haha, jkjk).


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