Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Feeling like laughing non-stop with my crazy friends.

Today, SEJ and KH. SEJ actually already memorize the answer of a test paper. I obeyed all rules - no copying, no discussing, no answer in paper or hand. But some people in my class, according to someone, was having a paper in hand or don't know where~ HAHA~ Don't believe they will do this.

KH - didn't read, teacher already said START. And because of the KKSheng keep disturbing, I didn't read seriously. He really so bad and bring bad lucks to me (today i poked him few times, haha so glad, but he don't feel itchy). SO SCARE, cause the whole day yesterday, I just revised about HISTORY. Luckily, managed to answer more than half (half only). Then, MERDEKA lurr.

So happy~ So glad~ So delighted~ Walked home with S.Sya, J.Eng, joined by T.Tian and S.Phing. I told S.Sya a very not-so-interesting story. So, they continued said I am AH MA (grandma) since last week, don't know I said what. Now, haha, grandma also not bad! They helped me take my bag [lighter] and keep making me laugh. Beh ta han already~ ^^ Laugh till sore throat.

Coming up a BETTER and INTERESTING post. With pictures. Since I have not post any picture for about a week now. It's getting more and more boring. =) Live, Laugh, Love. Stay on.


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