Friday, January 29, 2010


-Face red red dy~ Went to school, friends thought I am too warm, helped to fan me (thanks girls)! Reached home, called mum, and she told me I am most probably allergic to the ANTI-BIOTIC medicine. So that, these rashes came out! Now, I will not eat anti-biotic ANYMORE! So ugly now~ Hope will recover soon~~

At school ~~
WXHN = 我喜欢你~ Today play these Chinese pinyin words with KKSheng, JianYu and ShiMan. They sit in front of me, really can't stand~ Must have talk to them or else bored till death. HAHA. We're like bad class students only. Hmm~

I wanted to talk more about today~ But .. scare people dislike~

My bottle just flied away. With the help of KKSiong and KKSheng. I don't know what they did to it. But after I returned from J.Eng and Z.Yin's place, KKSiong told me not to drink the bottle anymore and to throw it and he helped me to pour all the water on the floor! == I wondering what they did to my bottle~ S.Sya they said need to 消毒 (sterilize). But just throw it lah, so cheap the thing~

B D G Z M S! B G Z Y, W D S H X H N D L.



XiiaoBenDan said...

lols~no wonder
But if you don't take that,next time sick how you gonna do?:O

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

think will take other medi~~
but so ugly ner~~ now cure already!
next tuesday u see me, i think will ok edi.