Friday, February 5, 2010

444 laaa~~~

Today ate flu medicine~ And went to school. Maths, did a lot of silly mistakes. Seni - I am not having much attention on this because I dislike ART. Sej, just listened to the presentation. Geo - checked exercises and teacher checked our own notes.

I couldn't believe my friends would say that~ It's like no respect. I dislike and am very disappointed with them. They didn't think of my feeling and maybe intended to make me embarrassed. Maybe I ain't good enough to be their friends. So, whatever la~ [I have never say this word before]. I am not going to put much hopes on you all.

Tomorrow is cross-country~ I don't know whether I can run or not as I am not practising. If I didn't get it also, never mind la. I just wanna try it. As last year, I obtained number 8. I wouldn't be this lucky again. Thus, wishing all people good lucks tomorrow - be careful on the road. And hope I won't "断气".

Today 4 and 5 but very happy :)

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wtv too..
haha~~ gonna put yr gay photo up soon..

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