Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Insane adi.

After school, S.Sya, Z.Yin and J.Eng came to my house. S.Sya and Z.Yin stayed back for sports practice. They ate their lunch in my house except J.Eng. At 2.15pm, they went to school - in the hot sun.

After they gone, I tried to online but failed. Don't know what happened. So, I went to sleep. At don't know what time, A PEOPLE SMS and CALLED me~ But I don't know is who leh. I looked at the phone and walked out of the room and told dad something but not clear, then, don't know why, walked back to room and asleep (dad told me this).

I only remembered I deleted the message. The phone number that call I also deleted but I don't have any memory on who is it. I also remember I clicked "C" button for not answer-ing. Later on, received B.Teng's sms. Luckily, I am already conscious. But I still didn't reply her~ Cause too tired, and wanted to reply after awake. She sent another message said "She solved her prob already".

== I think I am crazy already leh~ Dad also said so. I think I got some problem~ With a lot of stuff. So bad, I ain't normal anymore.



Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee said...

Wow , one weird day eh ?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

erm erm~ very weird.
and today went late for school.
i really got some mental problem edi.

Jumbohead said...

hi hwa ee