Monday, February 22, 2010

9th day~

Skipped 7th and 8th first~ Yesterday, so tired already. At night watch DVD. 3 hours~ Till 1am. It is very boring. I closed my eyes and opened back. Dad told me to eat biscuits and drink carbonate drinks. Make me fat only~ But it really works. I am very fresh after that coca-cola :)

This morning, 7am, helped eldest sister to carry her stuff down to the car with dad and second sister. 4 pair of hands isn't enough to carry her stuff. Too much~ And she sent me to school. 1 minutes after I reached, the bell rang. Assembly.

First class, Science. Teacher absent. BM class, teacher absent. I just chit-chatted with Z.Yin the whole time sambil-sambil open up text book. I brought FIVE text books and only uses TWO. Recess~ Went to library with B.Teng and Z.Yin. Absentee = ShiMan and JiaEng. Both have the same excuse which was "MALAS".

Moral. Sat with B.Teng. Do a lot of exersises. Do till hand pain already~ Next, Maths. Teacher was kind of calling out names of students who didn't pass up book. Teacher said Amy, I was like huh? Everybody also looking at me. And then, teacher said Amy Adzrina. == Then, people don't know say "cheh" or "ohh". HAHA~

Last class, BI. Nothing to do. Just listened to teacher. After that got exercises, KKSiong bet something with me. I said "yea". So yea, I gave him RM1 for which I lose. He refused the money. But now, I don't know the money went where already~ Ehmmm.

Just now, Z.Yin came my house. I was playing computer, she was eating on the dining table. She didn't talk anything, I forgot she's in the house. I think mum got cook one dish which is vegetable, I think she didn't even touch it. =.= Then, chatted awhile in MSN with Yuri Yap and Jodie Kho - they all kept arguing. 2.15pm, sent her down.


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