Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY Day 7.

1) I got 1300 photos in my phone. Deleted it and now became 650. Half of the amount. I think I am too much on taking photos.
2) I also realized I sms people too much. Especially when the people don't want stop. On the 6th day of CNY. I smsed the people around 150 sms(s). Is it too much? Just 1cent/sms.
3) I am cleaning up and arranging everything now! It's very messy everywhere. Help me with this?

Early morning awake. Cleaned the house. Helped mum prepare stuff for cooking. Very tired already~ At 1pm, Collin’s family arrived. At 2pm, Simone’s family arrived. Starting lousang (it’s my second time of the year). After that, starting eating. At 3pm, washed plates +++. At 4pm, zoomed off to Sunway Lagoon.

Reached there. Settled down. Went off to shopping. Nothing to buy, so go Giant buy steamboat stuff. Bought a lot~ And we forgot it’s no plastic bag day~ Bring the stuff all the way back to resorts suite to cook. So embarrassing. But yummy. And I was so full – I am gaining a lot of weight already.

At 7pm, it’s raining. So, dad decided to bring us shopping. Walked around. Just bought some snacks and drinks. At 8pm, went into Sunway Lagoon for “Night Park”. Watched the tiger and played pirate ship once. RM8 per ride. Sister thought wanna go into “Scream Park” but later changed her mind.

Stuff for YeeSang.

Stuff for YeeSang.

Stuff for YeeSang.

Making butter cake.

The colourful yusheng.



What are you guys looking at ... ?

Food for children's table. Adult's table 50% more food!

Chicken head. Collin passed from adults table to our table.
He's so good - can sit with adults.


Most hair = Collin Liew (far left).
Most tiny = Simone Lean (far right).
Most fair = Amy Ng,

Simone and me~

Three little people.

=) My smile so fake.

Sunway skating.

No plastic bag day.

Cold day~

Steamboat stuf.

HAHA~ Nothing to capture.

Music on my ear. My earing fell somewhere.
Missing item.

Sunway Lagoon Night Park.






Pirate ship. Don't know what to play.
Just played this once, with my sister.
Mum and dad don't dare.

Hmm. Face so oily and dull already~

I saw this place before.

Mum and Dad.

The donkey~ A little child rode this donkey.

J.Co's mini doughnuts.

Drink this~ One is sweet another is bitter.


So bitter =.O

Went into MPH. Dad told mum to choose one cooking book. I quickly said NOWAY~ Because if mum really owns one. Then, I will be adding 5kg or more annually.

Mum intended to buy this.
But I told her not.
So wasting money.
*just to support my sister's so-called fake husband.

Tired leh~ Haiz.
Keep walking. Sister asked me to walk.
I refused. They walked 100metres away, only I catched up.
OMG~ ShiMan said this photo very "ku".