Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY Day 8.

Day 8 loh~ Last day of school holidays. Back from Sunway at 12pm. Because I rushing come back. Got plans with them. At 12.30pm, B.Teng and her dad came my house fetch me. Thanks oh~ Reached S.Man's house at 12.45pm. Sat down and ate some sweet stuff.

Until 1.45pm, Sharon and S.Sya also haven't reach. Many things happened in S.Man's house. Her brother tried to fire us, then scared dao B.Teng cry already. Baby baby, don't cry. After that, little brother also cried because don't want say sorry. Got beaten by aunty. Wuu, so scared see him being beaten up. But little kids should be taught at early age also~

At 2pm, we together went to Z.Yin's house -so hot, sweating. Went into her study room. Just lepak-ing. Her brother also there. Spying on us~ HAHA! At 3pm, planned to go my house, so far! Walked again! Walk no problem, but rains also joined us. Sweat + rain = yerrr~ Wished I could get bath. At my home, 4pm thought wanna move to S.Phing's house but they don't want go so early.

At 4.20pm, dad fetched us go to S.Phing's house. Some played board games but never finish playing. 5pm, ate Paratha made by S.Phing's mum. Thanks :) And went home at 5.40pm. I thought dad will come fetch me and soonafter go to Kepong for reunion dinner. But mum was tired, so, the dinner was cancelled. It's good also because I haven't done all my homework :)

Chocolate Ice-Cream cake. Got XO. Mabuk~

Breakfast made by me. 4 sets. Pro?

Ate this too.

S.Man's home.
Her and her little brother.
Her brother kept wanna kiss me and B.Teng.

Mine and B.Teng's.


Me and B.Teng eating prunes.

On the way to Z.Yin's house.
See the yellow shirt and black shirt in front?
It's S.Sya and Sharon. They actually ran. ==

Z.Yin's home.

Everybody's moving.


She ....
haha, she's very good girl. didn't gamble with us.

Me, B.Teng, S.Sya and S.Man.

Sharon, B.Teng, Sharon, me.

Sharon's opening.
Center people.
Me closing.

Daddy fetched us go S.Phing's house.
S.Man sat in front. Big sister~

Me and B.Teng's hand :)

Me and Sharon. Is that my hand on her neck?

B.Teng and S.Sya :)

S.Phing's home.
With S.Man =)

He's on his way blinking his eye.
My face so oily. Yer~~

Z.Yin. Z.Yin :)

She's playing racing car on the computer!
HEY, no driving and phone at same time :) JK!


On the way back home.
I am walking alone. And it's scary.

School's field.

Lou Sang for third time of CNY!

After go swimming, my blisters become like this.
And I used scissors cut it. So ugly~

Wait it to recover soon.

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