Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY 年三十晚!

Yay. It’s Chinese New Year. Cut this story short cause I don’t really remember what happened very detail-ed. Do you enjoy your Chinese New Year 2010?

Mum was cooking 3 to 4 dishes to bring to Damansara. We started our move at 12pm. Reached there around 1pm. We started preparing the table. Ate our lunch at around 2pm. So yummy and very happy ^^ Eat with cousins. After that, we just chit-chatted in the living room. And we, children went home to gamble.

After that, at around 5pm. Some of us left to go for another gathering. Me and my family went back to Klang. Reached there around 7pm. Started eating. After that, just sat there to watch movie. The adults were chit-chatting as usual. At 12am, watched fireworks. And slept. I am having hard sleeps there. It’s hot and … nevermind la, once a year.

Smile for the day.

My new cloth. Wore on nin sam sap man.

So ugly~

Helping out in kitchen.

Small easy jobs for children!



Adults' table. Still got few dishes. Not enough space.


We took this photo, then big uncle placed the mango in front of us. And said we are MANGO GIRLS? ==

Coconut to drink :)

Tiger :) My smallest cousin.

10! 10! LOL.

Collin's sleeping.

Time to say goodbye. Me and Julia.

Girls :) Except my eldest sister.

Children kacau-ing.

Aunties preparing in the kitchen.

Fire works.

Fireworks at 12am - that time busy sms people.

This little boy! ==
Keep don't want sleep.
I put him into the "salong" and swing, he kept cry.
Switched off the lights, still kept crying.

His elder brother at the back, already asleep.

Tak mahu tidur ke? I wanna tidur la.

2am, I came out, I saw him crawling out from the bedroom.
He only want people take him "gaigai".

My sister and - Feng qing sleep already~ Guai guai.
He kept sticking to me these few days.
Maybe already used to see-ing me.

Coming up next: CNY 年初一.



Jumbohead said...

haha good la....i lose all my ang pau money...haha...jkjk
but i really lose all my money that i saved. goodbye RM32

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

in gambling?