Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY 年初一.

Total angpow : 514.
Last year : 575.

Wow, so much difference. Mum gave 200, dad 200. Actually it's very little only, from relatives only 114. Suddenly felt not enough.

It was very hot that day. I used more than 10 tissue papers. I was sweating like pig. And my face so oily. Felt so uncomfortable.

So, it's CNY first day. I awake at 9am. Took bath. It was a really hot day. Ate mee made by grandma. It was really delicious. I always waiting to eat it. Mum tried to made it before but it was very different. After eating, started make-up-ing and dressing up. Later at 12pm, go uncle 5 and uncle 3’s house. After that, at 4pm, back to grandma’s house. Ate steamboat. At 8pm, went back to Damansara.

Meet up with others. We, children go up played again. Gambling, then, uncle Dominic and daddy joined us. Room was not enough big for around 10 people. So, went down to dining table to play. My sister lose RM 12 already. I won RM 5 at first, but lose back. After that, we stopped playing and ate VALENTINES CHEESE CAKE! Yummy. At 11pm, went out to play firecrackers. My eardrum was almost cracking. At 2am, went back home. I had fun that day.

Mummy helped me do mascara.

Elaine helped me make-do too.
However, whatever I do, I am still so ugly :)

Meen sin. Yummy.

At uncle 3's house.

I am getting 2 kg fatter this CNY!

RM 5 per game. Sorry daddy,
I helped shuttered cards when he became the "cheong" for blackjack.
He lose RM 40 in the game and I made him lose RM1++.
I am so bad-lucked.

Feng-qing. He asked me "baobao" so many times.
So cute de baby :)

Tak sampai hati say BYE yet.

Played "in between".
I lose so much for this games.

Chyng Yee :)

Cheese cake. Yummy. But so fast full already~


I don't have valentines yet. Too bad. HAHA!

Elaine, Kaykay, Julia, Amy and Simone.

Fire crackers. Dangerous thing!

Shadow of Julia and me. LOVE shaped.

Fighting taekwondo. 3 siao char bo at midnight.


Julia and me~ YER, lesbian.
Tried to act kissing but tak jadi la.


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