Friday, February 19, 2010

WM2~ CNY day 6.

Today 1pm go back SMKWM2. Saw ShiYee, Michelle 1 & 2, Mimo – they waiting in the busstop. Went to mamak drink something. At 1.30pm, went back to school~ Went to library. See them all arrange books. I used to arrange the books when I am in form1 but now, all forgot~ So, just see Shaun and ShiYee arranging.

Later, they had the marching for PBSM. I went out with MeiYee to Sen’s house. Chatted for about an hour. Then, I rushing back to school to see the others marching~ Watched till 5pm, then, we chit-chatted in the school hall. At 6pm, sister came fetched me back. ^^

Wore a plain t-shirt because gonna go in library, cannot wear improper clothes. Very ugly lah~

SMKWM2~~ My previous loved one.

Michelle at the back!!

Someone's changing. I didn't see her wear because on the time, I was talking to Sen on the phone~! HAHA!


The library changed a lot.

ShiYee and Shaun~ Sweet "S"!

The books~ I was a trainer but not now!


Sen's house~ With MeiYee.


PBSM, ga yao~~~

Waiting for them~





~~~~ many murals in SMKWM2 ~~~~

Vanesh and Leong Siah walked up to meet me :)
Then, I took photo with Vanesh. He's taller liao~
But when I wanted take pic with LeongSiah, their commander ...

My sister~~ 11A1.

My second sister :)


After PBSM marching, he came walking to me.
And sat beside me. Chat with me a while~
So miss him loh~ But feeling awkward with him.

=) =) Fishie.



Ee Zhen.

Yu Sheng~ Lou sang!

Take high high!!


XxPrInCeSS SheLL said...

Come! Let's take agaiN!
Tak sempat wanna join chat that time XD

Fishie said...

hmm.....find one day friday come again la~~
friday we have more time><

XxPrInCeSS SheLL said...

Yay! but choose a date after sports day please XD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

not very sure.
cuz pmr near liao.
sry guys.
i will meet u guys someday again k =)

nice to meet u all.