Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Day 5.

... During in Genting...Outside casino...
...With my lovely cousins...

I wished I own it~ LOL!

Oh yeah, so, today was Day 5 of CNY! 10 more days to go to Cap Goh Mei~ Today is a really bad luck today. Early morning wake up, nothing was allright. Got scolded by mum because of many stuffs. Luckily, mum got gathering with her friends for half of the day.

Early morning, stomaching. 11am, J.Hui called. Miss calls me many times already (20x)~ I only answered one of his calls, because really aching. Sorry to him. He came to my house. My sister called me. I am not very free - I quickly get changed. Welcome him in. Asked him to touch the cookies, he not interested. So, he borrowed my sister's laptop to log into Facebook awhile. After a while, he is gone. I wanna say "very 不好意思" to him! Really sorry for today.

At 12pm, sent mummy to Imbi road to her friends' gathering. Forgot bring my handphone. So the "careless". I also didn't wear "proper" outfit. Planned go TimesSquare play bowling with daddy and sister but my clothes made me no mood already~ Daddy said just go shopping. I told him no need la~ Went home around 2pm.

Besides, on the way, Dad, Mum and Sister kept teasing me and XXX~ I said I never like him and won't like him. Mum said mum don't like him but FOR WHAT? I never like him, he never like me~ End story! Sister said he kept sticking to me. And she kept teasing me like no need money. Aiyor. Daddy pula, said wanna bring me go TimesSquare see lengzai. Wush~ What's happening! I need a lengzai? No way~

Then, I made the toilet's tap came out. The water kept splashing like fountain. I quickly asked help from sister. Got scolded again. Quickly wake dad up. I very intelligent also la because I go and off the main switch. Dad asked plumber came make it. Money flies away~ Got lectures from daddy for minutes. HAIZ~~~


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