Tuesday, March 16, 2010

♥ 16 March.

Early morning at 7am arose. Onlined a while. Till 8.15am, get changed and went down to meet up Sya and S.Phing. Who knows, the lift, don't want to stop, me and dad went down to 11th floor and press "UP". We went up to 22 before the lift gone down to Ground. Sorry guys, I am late! At school, finished a bit kerja kayu~ At 11.15am, we went home. Sorry Sya and Phing, because of me, you two went home earlier. Thanks!

And as I reached home, quickly get bath after cooling down. I was pretty nervous for the trip because "he" was once my few days boyfriend! 'Baobei', 'honey', all kind of words came out before~ No big deal, we are still normal friends. I was wondering what would had happened if I didn't reject him! Wahaha xD Just joking.

So, 12.30pm, got onto the bus. Just chit-chatted with MeiYee alot. Reached there, ate McD. Started feeling okay, no embarrassing with the guys. Walk walk walk till Times Square. Bought movie tickets. How Sern said he was there too. So, I was trying to look around. Went into movie at 2.50pm, I sit with Andy. Okay lurr. Saw How Sern after that but he didn't see me :)

After movie, walk around in Times Square before going to Sg.Wang. Sg Wang, 拍大头贴. It's my first time~ HAHA. Ok, then went to buy milk tea. But the people don't want entertain me. Suan le, he helped me ask but the ppl also didn't entertain him for the second times. See him drink only. ~.~ At 7pm, went home. Traffic jam. Reached Genting Klang, daddy came fetch me.

Now feeling very dizzy~ Walked too much. Another gathering - Karaoke. But Z.Yin not going. I think I might be kinda boring.

My failure.

Phing Phing.

Sya, I didn't delete this.
But don't misunderstood.

Green, yellow, red~~

Mummy and me.

Accidentally, spoilt KKSiong's hot glue gun.

Hot glue gun belonging school.

They used this until spoil dy, got smoke coming out~
Apa daa~ Make teacher so sad.

Next class, hardworking!

Our class - they played chess~


At McD.

I am ugly and the pimple under my mouth..urghh!


Movie time. Watched "Alice In The Wonderland".

Tickets for mummy Jamice, daddy Andy, me and Fed gor gor ^^

Testing brightness inside cinema.

Andy (daddy) testing his phone..
Me and daddy inside cinema~~ hehe =D

Popcorn. Didn't finish also~~

Jamice ~~

Boys pun sama saja~~

Inside there~~ When the boys went to buy tokens.

:D :D

Lost one face~ Realized?

SUCCESSFUL ONE~ Many times failed to take all 4 faces.


Andy and Federick.
His new phone 5mp.
Andy Lee~~ Me~~ Federick..

Jamice, Me and the unknown guy~ Stand so far~
Scared I eat you ar?

Inside there~~

Blur blur.


I know I am ugly~~

opppsss. sorry.

Andy~~ Amy~~


Bright. Amy~~ Jamice~~

Federick~~ Amy~~
First picture with him~
Just friends.

They trying to do the "love" but failed!! YAY haha~~


Our picture - click to enlarge.
Taken 8 pictures but only printed out 4.
Another 4 forget to take~~ Haiz.
The other 4 are so nice!!
I think I look okay inside all pictures :)
Many of the pictures, I accidentally "zou guang".
They helped me edit to cover.haha.

yay .. happy friends ..

Okay, ending~~

Thanks for the day!


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