Tuesday, March 16, 2010

♥ 17 March.

Another happy day of mine :)

Didn't take very much photos because of the pimple below my lips. Eeeeee. Hate hate~~ So ugly. (It's gone now) ^^

9 am, went down. Went to fetched S.Man and sped off to Sg.Wang. Waited for S.Sya and B.Teng. Took some pictures and Sg Wang was so empty that time. Scary~ HAHA! 10am, went in sing K till 1pm. Paiseh leh~ HaizZzzZ. J.Eng didn't sing at all. Hmm.

1pm walk walk walk till 2pm. Then went to Times Square. Tired tired. Bought something from S&J (tell u guys when the time comes). Walk till really paining my leg. Then, at 3pm, went back BB Plaza there take bus. Not much people in bus. It's kinda comfortable.

After that, B.Teng and S.Sya accompanied me walk home. They actually Sya can take taxi and B.Teng's mum can fetch her straight from the bus stop. But they are kind. Cause I really scared of robbery which had happened to my sister twice at the same location. Thanks you two. I love you!!

Second MMS from her~ 15th March 2010.
She cut her hair~ Wow. I am the first to know.
And today, we gave everyone a surprise.

Sg Wang no people at 10am~

On the escalator.

Cutie teddies. Me and J.Eng.

S.Man and me~~

Siao char bo ar~~~


Eat eat eat..

Eat too..

Pasta. *see two forks? one mine one J.Eng's.

She fed me.. HAHA~~ HAHA~~


With the lovely green S.Sya.

Man =)


Ugly me..

LOVE - Wednesday.

Dark one.

Bright one.



Tissue papers. My GAME!!
Who lose must drink the "MIX" bevarage made by me.

You know what is this?
Sprite + Coke + Apple Juice + Pak Pou.

After I drank half, she drank half :)
If tomorrow we have diarrhoe, it's because nothing but this.



Haha. Takrak kerja.

While resting - BT, SS and SM.
Aiyar, no "zou guang" la. No worries.

Time for home!! GREAT!! I miss my home..

Perasan a while~~

Covering my acne. Annoying ==



Chocolates from J.Eng.
S.Man forgot to take from my bag.
1 given for Sya and Teng respectively.
And of course, for me =)

I gonna finish this all~~ WAHAHA!!

I have few videos but both also need to be rotated. The song - Uptown Girl, Pretty Boy and Nobody etc. Anybody know anything about rotating videos? ^^