Friday, March 12, 2010

The days.

Happy and sad days. I have to live with it although I dislike it. I have my my own way but it didn't happen to be my way. I lived for another week and I am thankful for it. Living with my loved ones.

I am loving dancing now :) I wanted to learn dancing but you know, my time table had been a little too peak and I am having only 6 hours a day to sleep which last time I get 10 hours. I am getting people to go learning with me, probably after PMR. I am on the first step of learning "nobody - wonder girls". blekss =D going to dance during the "Karaoke" day as requested, but it will look horrible or I will be numb in front of my friends.

The PBSM cloth that I dislike much!


Shi Man :)

Duty roaster, timetable and organisation chart. Click to enlarge. I do not need to do any duty as I am in the organisation chart. I am very happy with this :)

My COLGATE model :)

ShiMan, me and little JunHao.

haha bores.

6 March 2010.
Received a package from OneFm.

See, spell my name wrongly again.
Same like teacher Emyzul and my friends.
Call me May May.

A songket production.

... from Apple OneFm ...

I have few pimples now. I am using this.
Stand' 4, my back got acne, went to glen eagles to meet doctor.
This thing cost us rm70 for just 30ml.
But I used until now :) Worth it.

7 March 2010.
Planned to visit sister at Serdang but she was busy preparing for her final exam. So, dad said wanna bring us go "6 fuk" just opposite my house but mum said "dun waste the money now, used it for amy's wedding dinner". WHAT? No need~ So, we went to Ipoh Yong Tou Fu.

RM 1 each piece.
Expensive but still affordable.
Could you imagine the price going up 10 cents 10 cents.
And 5 years later, it costs us rm 2 for a piece?
Economic downturn.

Yucks.. The drink.. Sour..

Paper wrapped chicken..
After that went to Carrefour, found a very nice parking.
Dad joked "why is there anyone when there's two parking?".
People are rushing for the bad ones.

This is too wuliao~
Last week went to Pasar Malam bought this.
RM10 only~ Worth it.
Dad never seen this before, he said it is a bowling.


- -

Rotate ur head. This video is taken during NADI class.


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