Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am back :)

This Friday.. The Malay got praying. So, we, all the Moral students got ceramah. I thought it will be bored. My neck was paining as I was sitting at the first row and I got to look up at the lecturer. Got 3 activities. All quite funny.

First one, Jumbohead went outside, then, 4 girls, 4 boys. As I remembered, me, S.Phing, Vinosa, KKSiong, KKSheng and Qi-Wyn. Then, divided into two groups. I kept asking Jumbohead to the right way but unfortunately, his best friend, KKSiong pulled him to the other side. And other people kept removing the thing. It's messy.

Second one, 8 boys went out. Dai Lou, Jian Yu and Jumbohead, the one I remembered. Jumbohead fell twice == Everybody laughed. Why dropped so many times de? And DaiLou was pretty cool + straight. He did it like nothing. Threw the thing far far and take it. Looked like gonna fall but he didn't.

Third one, got 4 types of water. Mineral water, honey, longkang water and last one septic tank. Which one you gonne choose? Of course is honey~~ HAHA. All of the games above is related to some Moral values. So, it's kinda fun to join in.

After recess, back to class. Studied. SEJ teacher checked answer of activities done previous day. GEO, nothing to do. Played chess with KKSheng, in not more than 10 minutes, I lose. Is okay already, next time gonna compete again. And I went chatted with S.Phing + B.Kuan because the other girls were talking about K.O.3.Guo. I didn't watch it. Went home, my umbrella accidentally poked J.Eng because I kept laughing. I am not sengaja de~~ Hee2.


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