Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My name.

我的名字叫美琪… 美琪的美。美琪的琪。这就是我--美琪。-Dun wan share name with other people oledi. I m getting mad with it when people said "AMY" when they are actually not calling me. 我是我,你是你. Dun kacau my name.
>>> my new blog description, it's up here. haha. funny aite?

Few days of the week has passed, my life is simple and horrible. I dun deserve anything from you, ur caring or kindness. But you tend to give me hopes. I hate this~ Stop all and stop making me "zi lian" when you dun actually cares.

Aiyaya, I couldn't focus much in study now. As soon as I done the komsas just now, I came out to the computer and onlined and check out any new updates. I am stupid and I will stop that, soon, pretty soon. Everybody is getting serious and I am still relaxing. Wow. Too relax. I knew I am getting more and more "slow".

Co curriculum today very tired lo~ Efforts used - 90%. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day too. Friday will be more free. And I am waiting the holidays. Hols!! I love you. But as hols came, the deadline for folio(s) is getting nearer. Nervous breakdown!


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