Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy yesno.

Post edited.

Is a happy day but everytime after I said I am happy, the day after sure wouldn't be so good. So, I would say today is a moderate day. ^^ At school had great times with my friends :)

Cheers. A lot of stuff wanna tell. But no time~ Cause now after drinking the milo in front of me, I am going to rushed to NADI class, ever again. Praying that day come home at 2pm straight and fetched me to school. Don't late daddy!

Whole day in school drink S.Man's water. Because I forgot to bring my bottle. Everytime she drank her water, she would ask "wanna?". I would take and drink it too :) Thx very much! And thx B.Teng for offering me mineral water too.

*At school, first Science. Sya didn't come~ Second KH, waited teacher outside bengkel but the FORMEN don't want to search for teacher. Teacher was absent. Made us wait like silly. Recess~ Called Sya at the telephone booth. It was funny. Me and B.Teng told Sya that the public phone still got money, don't hang up first until 0.00$, I said byebye.

After recess, SEJ. Teacher took most of our books to be checked by "ketua bidang". Only 6 and the most is the Chinese girls - boasting. HAHA! Last class, BM. I have finished everything. So, teacher gave more homework. Arghh, didn't do. Just sat there doing nothing until 1pm. Walked home. Hee2, happy + broken day.

Birthday corner
Happy birthday Wilson aka Kin Wei aka Jumbohead! A very happy 15th birthday. More grey hairs ahead. Wish you always happy and healthy and improve in every aspect of the studies. Friends forever :) Take good care. *if not zy will kill me. HAHA! joking.

I just got to know that Anna is going to HongKong this Sunday. I heard she said it's in March but I just forgotten that it's time already. So fast. Hope she'll go there safely, returned safely with my souvenir. HAHA :) Enjoy yourself.


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