Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rains rains..

Today after school, rained so heavily. Me, Sya, J.Eng and S.Phing were like no idea for how to go home. Today, my friends are supposed to go to National Library for some informations which me and S.Phing got Nadi today~ S.Man is sick, she might not be coming.

So, I was having a thought of not going home. But S.Phing insisted to go home cause she didn't bring enough money, so, she followed Jing Ying home~ Unlucky me, condominium made the one way road, so, I don't want to trouble her mum to fetch me for another extra round. Maybe is INSTINCT - dad came soon after.

Me, Sya and J.Eng used J.Eng's umbrella. So, I gave up. I planned to run to the nearest pondok (shed). I told the two of them to go to the pondok. The two behind were shouting "AMY, zou guang liao!". i looked back and ignored. What is so important for the "zou guang" when I am running in the heavy rains? ==

Before reached the shed, saw daddy =) Daddy is so brilliant, he knew I didn't bring umbrella today. Goodie goodie. But I was already wet. Quickly went home and showered. And here I am writing my blog with my lunch in front of me. Mum cooked my favourite chicken. Yum yum and I was starving in school while taking with B.Teng about birthday cakes =)

Argh, rushing to school later. Wait till my hair is dried and dad will fetch me go. ^^ Rain ar~~ HAHA..



Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee said...

I think they meant like if your wearing a white dress then got wet , your dress would be a little translucent so people could see through it lol.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

en ~~
tht's their meaning.
but i am on my way running in the rains. they still shout for tht. == nvm~ i noe they are gud.