Thursday, March 4, 2010


HAHA~ No such words. Its sure-ing.

This post will be very messy coz i wont use proper words. Exam coming soon~ WOW. I havent prepare yet. Its gonna be a bad bad results coming out. I can say. And FYI, i m having a real big problem with Maths - indices. I m gonna deal wit it. Blekkksss XOXO

The holidays r coming in as well. I have few plans lining up dy. First, hope to gather with SMKWM2 frens - as in previous post. Second, must do History chap 5 wit my group member and History folio. Third, karaoke with frens - this plan must got a lot obstacles coz some want, few dont want but let it be la, i dun care. Fourth, simple preparation for exam.

ERRRRRRRRR.. boring nya.. I still gt some homeworks but dun wan to do yet. Laziness. I noe I am lazy. Tt's nt a gud attitude. Help me lar~~~ Ignore me.. WAHAHA XD coz now I crazy edi. Crazy highest level. Wht wht wht a day. Kakaz. I will remove this post. Annoying.

You hate me? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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