Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy dae..

I hope everyday is a happy day.

*I tried the html today but the comp lagged. I will change it soon!

School nothing happened except for the LONG maths, NICE seni, RECESS, SLEEPY sejarah, FUN geo in computer lab and FREEDOM for BI class with my friends :) taa-daa.

Today, online whole day! Dad told me not to online so much because of radiation. But I insisted - naughty. So far, the most memorable chat of the day is with Jamice Mei Yee. She said "Andy wanna invite you go out, are you ok?". I was like HUH? Then she said, "don't worry, I will go also". Of course is okay, me and him are still friends right, but just will be a little awkward!

She also got asked me about English. Why sometimes add "-er" behind a word? For example, "nearer". I gave her my answer but I don't know correct or not. Because my grammar really .. i myself also behtahan~ Anybody - any ideas can comment :)

Today finally got get some rest after the four days fight. So, I went to sleep at around 3pm. At 4pm, I heard a loud storm that comes with the lighting. == Raining again! I quickly jumped off the bed and collected the clothes as ordered by mum. If it went wet, I am getting lectures again~ So, I didn't continue my sleep :)


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