Friday, March 12, 2010

TQ :)

haizZzzZz. no more hopes. but tq to you for giving me whole lots of happiness these few months. although it is all gone now / half gone now. going to rejuvenate myself today by sleeping.

next monday going to Sg.Wang with WM friends then go watch movie, if the plan goes well, MeiYee, Carmen, Kah Seng, Andy will be going. if it does not, i dunno la. but i am now persuading Chen Fui to go along. to be frank, i miss u and u said u miss me too. kakaz, as a friend! but he is now enemy of Andy. he said he must think first but dun think so long, think bout meeting me. haha!

next tuesday, had a plan to go zoo negara with SP and SS but it ended up bad. cancelled. never mind a, i also might not be going out every single day and somebody is coming back. and i am happy. maybe not happy. AND got kelas tambahan for kh, kh here i come.

next wednesday, go out Sg.Wang sing K with my DK friends. sing again! kekez. so, i think i will enjoy myself. hope so. let's come we sing out loud. and i wanted to cry out loud now. my heart really paining, first time felt so deep inside but i dun understand why i kept stepping onto it when i noe it is not a good "creature".

and the days after, gonna do SEJ and GEO folio with my friends. really cannot procrastinate any longer. it must be done. must be done. i noe it's pretty hard. and thts why i am hating it.

the holidays is ON. but i lost something precious just before holiday, how horrible is tht. i dislike waiting and nothing comes. i am depressed. i am opening a new blog soon. how do you think it would be like? good? no good?

Post next up: MY DAYS (with pics).


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