Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Birthday corner
Happy birthday Jian Yu. Hope you remain being a "good boy" and 3H (healthy, happy and handsome). A good results for PMR. And friends forever :) Smile more leh~~~ HAHA! No offense.

Hope you love the present we chose for you. Although it's kinda a cheap stuff from the SEVEN of us :) Pretty gals give you present, you should be happy right? But very unlucky, I didn't see your emotion when S.Man gave you the present as I am not on the spot as I went to Anugerah Cemerlang rehearsal. I heard from them, you were so cool without thank you. Relax lar~ Friend to friend birthday present!

He got say "thankyou" to me~~ HAHA~~ S.Man said he "pilih kasih". And I think it's because he treat me like a friend already, he very shy shy with the other girls because will grow up affections or feeling.. With me, just friends and neighbour in class =) Good good!

I don't know what's the problem with my blog. The chatbox isn't appearing in Internet Explorer and it only appeared in Mozilla Firefox and was really slow :) Sorry. I am not good in handling this - will search for new chatbox soon. And I added a searchbox beside here >>>> top :) Anything you can have a search. You can even have a search on Jian Yu's name for more info. HAHA. Jkjk.


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