Thursday, April 22, 2010


*Cooking Competition @ Bilik Masakan @ SMKDK @ 21 April 2010 @ 2pm - 4 pm @ Amy @ Zhen Yin @ Siew Phing.

After school time, I didn't go for lunch. Instead, I washed all the cooking equipment. After 10 minutes, S.Phing came back from her lunch and helped me to clean up the cooking place. At 1.45pm, everyone was ready. And suddenly they told me our "rice" not enough. But it's over-enough. I ran down to canteen to buy.

Cook cook cook until around 3pm. Teacher were rushing us already. There were many unwashed stuff. I boiled the water, Z.Yin cut the lemons and S.Phing went to decorate the table. Last minute stuff = ICE! Luckily, B.Teng's group got left over ices. 3.30pm, we're done with our Nasi Goreng Kampong + Fried Chicken + Ice Lemon Tea.

Teacher came and asked us which kampung's fried rice is this. We were like Kampung Danau Kota. After the judges ate. We ate ours!! Contestents from other groups were doing the same. We went to Raffiq's table to eat their pizzas. And when we returned, our Nasi Goreng and B.Teng's chicken chop is DONE (finished). LOL!!

People said it's "SEDAP". Although I am tired and I knew we won't be winning any prizes but I was just satisfied. Hmm hmm. Okay =) Byes!

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