Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sukantara 1.

B.Teng forgot today is SukanTara. So, after assembly, we went to public phone to telephone her mummy. After around 5 minutes, her mummy arrived with her sports' attire. We rushed to the nearest toilet to get change. I used less than a minute to change! Wuuhuu. S.Man and Z.Yin were surprised I was so fast (magic).

9.30am only started our activities. We first went to "Lontar Peluru". I think the thing is 3kg. I almost failed myself but it was on the line - goody! Got 1 extra mark for my team, GAMMA. After my turn, it was B.Teng, then, K.Wei and T.Mei. And we then looked out for others to throw - some boys were so soft ==

Around 10.15am, went for 100metres running. I was in the line with B.Teng, K.Wei, T.Mei and another girl. Because we don't want to compete with the Malay girls. I was running on the same position with K.Wei, she was very fast too. We reached first ;) But my pant and everything was already muddy. Oh no!

Went inside for water. A lot of things happened. I met a lot of peoples too. HAHA. Helped W.Loong to take his bottle from his class and his classmates (4A) started to tease. After drinking Milo Ice, went for 200m running. I got number 1 - but didn't get any marks. Because I reached after 38 seconds (Girl P2). Nobody get to break the record (boys and girls) including J.Shyen. I was thinking if only national athelete can do it - for boys (26seconds) WT..??

I wasn't feeling well because running in the hot sun with Milo inside my stomach. Uhh. S.Man, S.Phing and J.Eng asked why I looked so weird and pale. I was like "got meh?". After that, went to wash my legs etc etc. And went back to class - last class, BM. Did PLOT for Novel Panas Salju, everybody looked tired but I wasn't. At around 1pm, only I felt extremely dizzy and tired.

Back home - get changed and went for bed in an empty stomach. 2pm, wake up and ate something. Luckily dad realised I was EXTREMELY tired and he fetched me to school. At school - KKSheng was boasting as he got the 10th position in Zon KERAMAT for Chess. I actually don't want him to win because I knew he will act like this. Congratz Sri for getting 2nd! They will be going to Zon NEGERI.

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