Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Date: 17 April 2010.
Time: 10am - 4pm.
Venue: Sya's Home.

Yesterday, early morning, 9am only wake up. Washed face and prepared stuff. 9.30am, went to fetch S.Phing and Z.Yin. Waited until 10am, dad drove 4 rounds around Teratai Mewah area and then I called S.Phing, she didn't pick up my calls. Later, they turned up == Luckily, dad wasn't angry at all^^

Reached S.Sya's house. We were the last to arrive. Started preparing stuff like cutting, slicing and seasoning etc etc. At around 11am, started cooking with S.Phing and Z.Yin. Others went to play MahJong. But I kept calling S.Sya because I don't know how to use her stove.

We put water on the fried rice. It was kinda mouldy. But the colour looked okay. Next, B.Teng them do their "stuff". Yea. Tasted good ;) At 1pm, went around playing and I finally know how to play Mahjong. And me, ZY, SS, JE and SP danced and camwhored inside S.Sya's room. At 4pm, S.Sya's mum drove us home.

My SS picture..




9.30am in the morning.

Stuff we brought.

Coincidently, we wore same. BLACK.

My mama.

My JJ.

Innocent chicken.

I am slicing the innocent living organism.

Me and SP seasoning the innocent "stuff".

I am cutting the union.

Fry omellete.

Chicken (first part).

Sexy backs.

Me and Z.Yin with our carrot.

We were cooking and they were xxx.

Our fried rice - failed.

The judge for the day.


Drink :)

Me and Ying.

Chicken (part 2).

Sya with her xxxxx.


Colourful salad.

~la la~

B.Teng.. Doing her "stuff" with heart..


No one wanted to eat the fried rice, so, Jodie gotta go one by one feeding us =) Lols.

SIONG and Yin,

S.Man tak puas hati. Rampas balik her SIONG.

Time for me to feed her back :)

Sya, Me and Eng.

Thanks to timer.

PS2. Played one game.

Me and S.Sya.

Her and her "SIONG"!! Understand right?

I finally learned to play this =)
I used to play only "jinlami".

Me and SP.


She asked me how to do the "mouth" blubbed as in my FaceBook profile picture. I also didn't know how I did it.


OMG! Lady Gaga Malaysia Version.

Thanks Sya.


Z.Yin wearing Sya's high heels. See the difference?

1. (When BT and SM were playing PS)



With B.Teng..

With S.Man..



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