Monday, April 19, 2010

Sleeping Postures.

I think I either sleep on B. Or with the hand wided open. LOL. Very funny neh xD How bout you?


A. Foetus StyleSelf-defence, a style of protecting oneself. Have extraordinary analytical power, not easily to expose oneself. Actually he or she may have strong feel of dependence.

B. Semi-Foetus StyleBalanced and stable personality. People sleeping towards the right side will do things very seriously, but his/her action may be quite slow. People sleeping towards the left may have a and will do things bravely.

C. Prostrate and Worship StyleThis type of person have the mind to occupy the whole bed, hope to grasp all the things he/she wanted into one's hand. This type of person is conservative, not easily to handle things that are happened accidentally.

D. King StyleThis type of person has stable psychological conditions. Have self confidence, open-minded and creative mind. This type of person always feel happy, easy to control one's manner.

E. Criminal StyleThe major key point for this style is the ankle, because he/she looks like being locked by his/her ankle, so that the person is given a name of "Criminal". This posture shows that the person is being hindered by something in his/her mind. His/her worry is being reflected by one of his/her ankle is being put on another ankle.

F. Sleeping Lion StylePosture showing that the person is refusing to sleep. This kind of person won't sleep long and difficult to fall into sleep, his/her conscious mind hope that he/she can be woken up as soon as possible.

Credit to : [Phychology Test]


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