Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A day~

Got "people" complaint I didn't write blog very long already. Who is them? Guess yourself. ^^

Today at school. Tiring. First class was Maths. I was yawning all the way, I don't know why. Teacher looked at me, puzzled and looked away. Second class, Science. Got paper 1 - 37/40, KKSheng said it was the highest in the class. I am just lucky because I really not confident on how to do the paper. Recess in the library :) BEST!

Back to class. BI class. Teacher didn't mark our paper yet, because he just got his answer skim. Next class, Geografi. I really behsong them already. Hit my teeth, my leg and etc. I was being patience for very long time but it's already over the limit. So, I fighted back and I think I did the wrong thing for touching them. Because I know they are boys and I am girl.

I wanna move place! But I will miss the "ceiling fan" a lot! HaizZzz. I prefer friendship more than loveship because my friends really knew what I wanted which others don't know.

Will update on ChingMing post 1 and post 2. :)


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